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MRT Rubble, Zagreb 18.10.-20.10.2019

MRT Rubble, Zagreb 18.10.-20.10.2019

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DVRPS participants: Vesna Žagar with Yaffa, Alenka Fritzel with Rubi, markers: Petra Adamič, Špela Tomažinčič, Vesna's translator: Silvana Šneberger.


The MRT was held at a rubble site in Zagreb.
We left Ljubljana on Friday, 18.10.2019, at 12:00.
MRT began on Friday afternoon with check-in, veterinary check and veterinary first aid. Friday night we had our first two searches.
There were seven searches, two "twins" (one at night), one "triple" and a hike.
None of the dog handlers successfully completed the MRT.
We returned to Ljubljana late in the afternoon on Sunday.

Written by: Alenka Fritzel


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