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REZ test, Brežice 13.10.2019

REZ test, Brežice 13.10.2019

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On Saturday, October 13, 2019, there was a REZ test in the organization of IZAR from Brežice.

Participants were required to complete physical test - hike, search along the way using GPS, GPS search in the sector and rope technique.

The evaluators were:
- Sector: Borut Modic and Igor Leban
- Searching Along the Way: Majda Jesenko and Roman Starman

The guides taking the test were:
- Silvana Šneberger with Lola, Alenka Fritzel with Rubi, Vesna Žagar with Yaffa, Tomaz Žganjar with Kali and Iztok Štajer with Mitzy.
After registering, GPS data was uploaded for our search along the way, sector search and hike.
We started our search along the way. The terrain was steep and we had some problems with GPS signal. Two markers were hidden.
From the search destination along the way, you followed the directions on GPS and got to the start of the sector search. According to the information obtained, you decided on a search tactic and tried to stick to the same tactic till the end. In case of changing the tactic, the evaluators were informed. 

After both searches, we passed the rope technique test and went for a hike.

Alenka, Vesna and Silvana successfully passed the test.

Written by: Vesna žagar

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