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Search intervention in Vojsko, 12. and 13.9.2019

Search intervention in Vojsko, 12. and 13.9.2019

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On 12th of September ReCO called a search intervention for the missing person. At 6.00 we left from GB Ljubljana.


In Vojsko we received all the detailed information about the missing person and the search area from the intervention leader. We were looking for a 74 year old Italian who went to the forest to pick up mushrooms with his friends the day before. In the woods, friends scattered, two returned to the car, and one went missing. In a phone conversation missing person explained that he was injured somewhere in the woods. Later the communication with him was no longer possible.
Assigned to 5 groups (9 people in each - firefighters, police, dogs, locals) we searched for the missing person until 4pm. Unfortunately unsuccessfully. The Mountain Rescue Team, the Police and the ERPS continued.
Upon returning to GB Ljubljana, we received a notification from the intervention leader that the search continues the next day.
On September 13th we left from GB Ljubljana at 6:00. At 8.00 we were already deployed in groups and on the field. The search was lasted until 6 pm. We didn't find the missing person, so the intervention was stopped. Search was continued by police. We returned to Ljubljana at 9pm.

DVRPS members that participated in the search:

On Thursday: Žana Hvastija & Viki (on the field), Silvana Šneberger & Lola, Tomaž Žgajnar & Kali (on standby)

On Friday: Silvana Šneberger & Lola and Žana Hvastija & Viki (on the field).

Report written by Žana Hvastija

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