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DVRPS IRO Exams IRO T-V, T-A and T-B

DVRPS IRO Exams IRO T-V, T-A and T-B

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On Sunday 9.6.2019 DVRPS organized IRO T-V, T-A and T-B exams. The exams were judged by international FCI judge Meglič Ljubo. The exams were held at the DVRPS training ground and ICZRS at Ig.

 The exams were attended by 8 DVRPS dog handlers: Nataša Bregar with Ajka T-V, Robert Magajna with Maxi Ax T-V, Domen Štular with Kan T-V, Alenka Fritzel with Rubi T-A, Silvana Šneberger with Lola T-A, Dušan Weber with Ares T-A, Žana Hvastija with Viki T-B and Luka Matjaž with Kala T-B.

The exams were held in very hot weather, as the outside temperature at 13 o'clock was 30 ºC.

The T-V exam was successfully passed by: Nataša Bregar with Ajka, Robert Magajna with Maxi Ax and Domen Štular with Kan.

The T-A exam was successfully passed by Dušan Weber with Ares.

The T-B exam was successfully passed by: Žana Hvastija with Viki and Luka Matjaž with Kala.

 Written by the examiner: Vesna Žagar

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