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Summer Camp, Vršič 14.-16.6.2019

Summer Camp, Vršič 14.-16.6.2019


Summer camp in Vršič was attended by 9 members with 10 dogs. For our 2 day stay we chose Koča na Gozdu where Marko and Tanja took care of us.

 The camp was attended by: Petra Adamič with Tara, Nataša Bregar with Ajka, Žana Hvastija with Viki, Silvana Šneberger with Lola, Izok Štajer with Mitzy, Domen Štular with Kan, Dušan Weber with Ares and Lili, Vesna Žagar with Yaffa. We were also joined by two colleagues from Austria.

This year's summer camp consisted of 4 sets - points that participants "reworked" in two days. Participants circled in small groups from one point to another. This time the course was aimed at renewing the knowledge of:

- rope technique (led by GRS member Dušan Weber)

- GPS search (conducted by Damijan Dimič)

- the use of GPS in the sector and the search for objects, their marking (led by Damijan Dimič)

- working with a dog, tagging, moving away ... (led by Dušan Weber)

At the end of the course, the participants also took a test from the knowledge of rope technique and the use of GPS with instructors who led the training. All participants successfully passed both tests. 

Written by: Dušan Weber


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