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Rubble training in Žatec(CZ), 2019

Rubble training in Žatec(CZ), 2019


DVRPS has organized rubble training in Žatec / Czech Republic between 25.4. and 4.5.2019. 6 members applied for the training. The instructor on the course was Dušan Weber with Lili and Ares. 

Other participants were: Žana Hvastija with Viki, Petra Adamič with Tara, Vesna Žagar with Yaffa, Silvana Šneberger with Lola and Domen Štular with Kan.

Training ground in Žatec offered us very good training opportunities for experienced dogs as well as “beginner” dogs. We trained for four days and the other two days we spent on the road.
We trained in the morning and afternoon with lunchtime in between. In the morning and in the afternoon we did two searches in various situations (tires, plastic bottles, tunnel, height and depth, micro location…)
Two days we had strong wind and the dogs had quite a few problems with accurate pointing (micro location), but they also got used to it and did an excellent job in the afternoon. The dogs were well motivated all the time and we increased the difficulty day by day. On the third day we did the most difficult exercises, and the last one made training a little easier and shorter.
In the village where we slept, we helped the locals to set up a maypole before the first of May. In return they kindly treated us.

Dogs and guides have gained a lot of new experiences and reinforced mutual cooperation which is absolutely necessary in such work.

Written by: Dušan Weber

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