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Search intervention in Mostec, Ljubljana 2019

Search intervention in Mostec, Ljubljana 2019


On 25th of April 2019, we received the Reco -112 call for an organized search intervention on 26th of April at 3.30 pm in Mostec, Ljubljana.

Vesna Žagar & Jaffa, Iztok Štajer & Mici, Tomaz Žganjar & Kali, Silvana Šneberger & Ari, Saša Samotorčan & Hugo, Alenka Fritzel & Rubi, Špela Bergant & Herk and Žana Hvastija & Viki responded to the search.

When we received information about the missing person from the police, Mostec and Koseške ponds were divided into 6 sectors. DVRPS members received Area No.6 and were escorted by a police officer. We did not find missing person in the area, so we returned to the base at the Mostec ski jump. Since we didn't get any other areas, we ended our search campaign at 7:00 pm.

Written by Dušan Weber

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