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On Saturday, October 13, 2019, there was a REZ test in the organization of IZAR from Brežice.

Participants were required to complete physical test - hike, search along the way using GPS, GPS search in the sector and rope technique.

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DVRPS IRO FL-V, FL-A exams were held on Saturday 8.6.2019. The exams were judged by international FCI judge Meglič Ljubo. The exams took place at the DVRPS training ground and in Mokrec above Ig.

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The traditional international rescue dog exercise in Ljubljana took place between May 17-19, 2019.
The exercise was attended by 22 teams. One of the teams at the MOL exercise was also the DVRPS team, consisting of Petra with Tara, Saša with Hugo and Luka with Kala.

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On Sunday 9.6.2019 DVRPS organized IRO T-V, T-A and T-B exams. The exams were judged by international FCI judge Meglič Ljubo. The exams were held at the DVRPS training ground and ICZRS at Ig.

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