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International Avalanche Course, Vršič 21.2.–25.2.2022

International Avalanche Course, Vršič 21.2.–25.2.2022

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The course took place in Vršič, we stayed in Koča na Gozdu. The course was attended by 25 dog handlers from Poland, Finland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia.

 Silvana Šneberger with Lisa, Miha Kavčič with Nala and Nataša Bregar with Ajka and Cubo from DVRPS were present at the course. The instructor cast was really strong this time. The course was led by Alois Balog (AT), Claudio Bötschi (CH), Neven Putar (CRO), Andrej Žunič (SI) and Dušan Weber (SI).

The work sites were located below Tonka's hut on the left and right sight of the road. The sites were prepared the weekend before with the help of  other DVRPS. There was a lot of work to do with digging holes for barrels and constructions prepared for that. They also helped with conducting the exams.

Participants of the course were divided in 5 groups. Each group had its own site with at least two “graves”. The groups rotated at the sites. The winter conditions were great for the avalanche course. There was enough snow. The trainings were well organized and it was nice to observe the progress in young as well as older dogs.

Participants were also introduced to the use of avalanche beacons and probes. As part of the avalanche course, there was also a lecture by Miha Kavčič "Providing first aid to small animals" and a lecture by Andrej Žunič "How to motivate a dog to work on an avalanche?".

As most of the participants had registered for the exam, we started the exams on Friday 25.2. and continued on Saturday and Sunday. The exams were judged by FCI judge Ljubo Meglič. Miha Kavčič with Nala (RH-L V) and Nataša Bregar with Ajka (RH-L A / N) from DVRPS took the exam and passed it successfully.

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