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Rubble Training Rapšach (CZ), 21.6. - 25.6.2021

Rubble Training Rapšach (CZ), 21.6. - 25.6.2021

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ZRPS organized rubble training in Rapšach / Czech Republic between 21 June and 25 June. DVRPS and colleagues from Kranj applied for the training during this period.

Andrej Indihar, Dušan Weber and Miha Kavčič applied from DVRPS. We started the easier training on Monday afternoon. We had two large work sites available, which we shared with our colleagues from Kranj on a daily basis. One work site was a large rubble, and the other was a small covered work site with various materials (palaces, rubber, plastic).

The other days we trained in the mornings and afternoons with lunch time in between. On the third day of our stay, we also prepared a night search. In addition to the search itself, we also had the opportunity to train micro locations, because we had the opportunity to prepare the training ground ourselves to some extent.

For all the dog handlers and dogs, the training was a very good experience, something new in completely unknown terrain.

On Thursday evening, we were "missing" a tornado for a few tens of kilometers, which caused real devastation in a part of the Czech Republic and also claimed fatalities.

On Friday, we headed home in the morning.


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