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Search intervention, Glogovica 24.08.2019

Search intervention, Glogovica 24.08.2019

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 On 24th of August ReCO called a search intervention for a missing person.We assembled at 6.30 am in Grosuplje.

DVRPS members that answered the call were Peter Adamič, Petra Adamič & Tara, Iztok Štajer & Mitzy, Tomaž Žganjar & Kali and Žana Hvastija & Viki.
First we were given basic information about the missing person and instructions for starting our search. Together with my fellow cynologists, we headed to Glogovica near Ivančna Gorica, where firefighters and police were already waiting for us at the location.After that we discussed search tactics and at 8.40 we were all ready to search. Our group got Area 1, forest along the railway line, c.c. 200m x 500m, also very difficult to pass in some parts. When we were at the end of our area, a call came in that the missing person was found.So we returned to the base and waited for the confirmation of the identity of the found person and the instructions of the rescue campaign leader. The action closed at 11.30am.

Written by Žana Hvastija


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