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International Avalanche Course, Vršič 2019

International Avalanche Course, Vršič 2019


8 members of DVRPS attended avalanche course held in Vršič. For our 3 day stay we chose cottage "Koča na Gozdu" where Marko and Tanja took care of us.

The course was attended by: Alenka Fritzel with Brina, Dušan Weber with Lili, Vesna Žagar with Ares, Silvana Šneberger with Lola, Boris Arzenšek with Pika, Iztok Štajer with Mitzy, Tomaž Žganjar with Kali and Franci Kastelec with Abi. There were also foreign participants: 5 HGSS members, 8 Italians, 2 Hungarians, 2 Dutch and 1 Austrian. The course was also attended by 2 participants of DVRPS small school: Nataša Bregar with Ajka and Domen Štular with Kan.

The instructors were: Damijan Dimič, Martin Gut, Neven Putar, Dušan Weber and Andrej Žunič.

There was not enough snow around the house this time, so it was necessary to drive to the work sites, which was no problem. The group with the most skilled dogs had the opportunity to work on a real avalanche. The other four groups prepared their workplaces in snow. We used barrels that we burried in the snow. Participants were also introduced to Avalanche Beacons, as well as the First Aid for dogs in winter conditions. The lecture was delivered by veterinerian Andrej Žunič.

Written by: Dušan Weber

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